10 Weird Things That Turn Guys On


Ladies, you might need to broaden your horizons and re-focus if you want to understand men a little bit more and find out what it is that they truly like about you. There is a common belief that men get turned on only by tall model figures in high heels in sexy clothes. Which might be true to some extend of course. Yet you may be relived to know that a series of feedback from men show otherwise. The sooner you get to understand it the quicker you will get a man of your dreams and what’s even more important is that with a few simple tricks you will be able to keep him forever and make your life especially in the bedroom department steamier and a better place to be for both of you. So here we go, top 10 things you need to start doing if you want men to be attracted to you and start looking at you in a different way.

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So many people get it wrong by thinking that pink is sexy and blondes look their sweetest wearing pink. Luckily scientists want to shed some light on it and show that actually women who wear red color turn men on way more than women wearing any other color, especially pink.  Red color looks hot on cars and on women. It also makes women seem warmer and more desirable for men. Several studies done on men showed the same outcome where red is considered a huge turn on. The reason behind this could be down to cultural adaptation because as we know red is linked to close association of romantic dinner, red light districts, Valentine’s Day and so on. Let’s not forget about biological reasons, when people blush, whether they like it or not, they look sexy. And who in his right mind would simply disregard the “lady in red”? Men can’t just pass by without saying hello or anything sweet to the lovely creature in red. Bottom line: red is hot and it shall remain that way, so don’t act like you don’t know what sort of dress you need to wear to go on a date.


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