10 Super Ways to Get Rid of Cellulite


Dimples are nice, but that’s not what you want to see on your butt cheeks or your thighs. These are no good and we know that. Some of us are prone to have those sooner or later. What frustrating is that even though cellulite is caused by fat deposits, skinny women get them too. Men are lucky in this regard there are only 10% of men that have this condition as opposed to 90% women. That’s quite a lot! There is a number of reasons why women of every age get it. Age matters and in addition to it, tight underwear, skinny jeans don’t exactly benefit your blood circulation to collagen (which is a protein that helps to shape up the connective tissue in your skin and ligaments). Basically collagen requires oxygen and nutrients from blood. With age estrogen’s levels decrease so are the blood vessels in the lower body which lose function and decrease circulation. But let’s not get too “technical” here. Cellulite is not forever. You can indeed control these factors with some lifestyle modifications, diet and exercise.




1. Diet
If you have notice cottage cheese-like lumps on your butt it’s time to take action! And the first step to it is to pay close attention to your diet. Your skin and health reflects what you eat. A few changes here and there can ensure that your cellulite doesn’t go any further. Processed and junk food stimulate the formation of cellulite. Simply put, the more junk food you consume the more visible your cellulite will be. So why don’t you make a permanent change in your diet and forget about this orange peel syndrome? Firm up your skin and reduce fat with a diet that is full of vegetables and fruits. Getting protein rich foods and diary will increase your intake of collagen which will strengthen connective tissue and make your skin more elastic and cellulite free. This doesn’t sound too hard, right?



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