10 Sleeping Positions That Reveal a Lot About Your Relationship


It’s hard to fake something while you sleep, so if you want to know more about your relationships, you just need to take a closer look at your sleeping positions. All couples are different and you might be using a completely unique position, but still there are a few cuddling poses that are the same for all people. Do you know what it means if you like to spoon with your partner? And what about sleeping back to back? Each of these poses has a certain meaning and a story behind it. Here are 10 most common sleeping positions and their explanations.

The “big spoon, little spoon” couple

Thousands of couples use this sleeping position as it demonstrates both emotional and physical closeness. Couples that use the spooning position feel really comfortable with each other and like to get intimate on all levels. Falling asleep in this position gives you a feeling of warmth and security that can be felt throughout the whole night. You also get a stronger bond with your partner as you stay connected together during your sleep.

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