10 Reasons Why You Don’t Have a Flat Stomach


Everyone knows that exercise is good for your physical and mental health and many of us go to the gym to get in shape. Still majority of people especially women go to the gym with one simple goal which is to get washboard Abs. But let’s face it, only very few women can rock the crop top. If you are looking in the mirror and not seeing flat stomach you might want to read on and take some notes. Sometimes, it doesn’t even matter how many crunches you do or how often you work on your Abs in general. You just can’t pull your belly  in during exercise and it won’t look flat at all. At times it may get frustrating and you are about to give up and become a couch potato, because it’s not working and you know that it’s not down to your weak abdominals or something. So what’s the solution you may ask?

You’re eating the wrong foods (too much of them and too fast)

You could be doing 100 abdominal exercises a day but if you are not strict with your calories intake and you are firm believer that a calorie is a calorie, it’s going to be very hard to see your Abs which will probably be hidden under layers of fat. In another words Abs are not made in the gym, they are made in the kitchen and the fastest way to get them is to follow healthy sustainable diet. Sugar and refined carbs pack on fat in your midsection, foods like pasta, potato chips and bread should be avoided at all cost. Instead aim for lean protein and colourful veggies. Keep in mind that eating on the go is a big no no too. You don’t want to trigger that “fight or flight” reflex and let your food sit around without going through your body properly.

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