10 Mistakes Women Are Making At The Gym


Finally you have invested your time and money to go to the gym. You bought some stylish trainers and a sport bra. You have my blessing, well done, hun. You are half way to success. The next step for you is to get maximum results out of your workouts and the time spent in the gym.Whether you are working out with a PT or on your own there are things you must avoid in order to achieve great results and stay motivated through your process of becoming a fitness goddess. Take a look and see if you are making one of those mistakes that are so common among women.

1. Too much cardio

There is a lot to be said about cardio. However you probably heard most of the things already, so I don’t want to sound like a broken record here. Cardio is surely one of the best ways to shed body fat, and most individual do cardio just for that sole purpose of burning fat, as naturally the more you move your body the more calories you are going to burn. Cardio and strength training workouts both play an important role in fitness and they are beautiful in their own ways. But women tend to focus only on cardio in order to lose weight and look fit. They spend hours on a treadmill or an elliptical without getting desired results. Using only cardio machines won’t let you build muscle or look lean. On the contrary not many women know that too much cardio can actually result in weight gain, as it’s all down to cortisol level, the stress hormone. The thing is that when you do too much cardio you produce more cortisol which tells your brain to store fat in the abdominal area and inhibits your body’s ability to process sugar. If your body doesn’t process sugar properly you gain weight. This doesn’t sound so great after all. So maybe now you might want to re-consider your cardio sessions in the gym and add some strength training or even yoga in order to help you reach your goal and look phenomenal.

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