10 Looks Men Find Extremely Appealing


The most beautiful thing about a woman is her body. Clothes say a lot about women’s sense of style, lifestyle and personality. Most men are not into posh labels and fancy clothes. I am talking about regular, no nonsense kind of men. Those that like with their eyes, and frankly speaking sometimes women try too hard to impress men by doing all the wrong things. Women care about things men don’t even pay attention to, stuff that goes absolutely unnoticed. Your girlfriends might appreciate the look or the effort you’re putting in order to look fantastic, but men might not even see that. That ombre hair and your long awaited designer bag, nice try girl, but this won’t let you become more attractive in men’s eyes. Men are simple creatures. Call it biology but really, the more the man can see of women’s curves the more he is attracted to the woman. They like women to look natural and comfortable in their own skin. I am about to spill the beans here and give you a few tricks on how to look sexy and desirable. Get ready to get more attention from the opposite sex. Ladies, we are going in for the kill so to speak.

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1. Office chick

Office attire doesn’t need to be boring. Snug fit pencil skirt looks flattering on many body shapes. Even if you don’t consider it the hottest fashion trend as pencil skirts have been around for a while, they still have their place and men certainly appreciate the look. Pencil skirts make your legs look longer and it’s narrow all the way through as well as tight too. And let’s face it, men are suckers for tightness. You can wear a pencil skirt outside your office and look fabulous on a date whether you are meeting up with your girlfriends or with someone special. Wear it with high heels and let them hear the click clack in a quiet hallway. It will definitely catch attention of any man.



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