10 Bra Mistakes You Didn’t Know You Were Making


Buying a bra is a pretty stressful and tiresome task. Choosing a perfect bra seems almost impossible for the majority of women. Most of them have given up hope and just go with what feels closest to ‘okay’. Yet wearing the wrong bra is not only uncomfortable, but is also unhealthy and will badly result on your self-esteem. Women who wear beautiful nice-fitting bras feel more confident and gorgeous. And we know all too well that the way we feel about ourselves results in the way we look. Now pretend you are a lingerie model and forget all about being uncomfortable in a bra. Here are 10 bra mistakes you are probably making right now.

1. Oops, wrong size!

As weird as it may sound, wearing the wrong-sized bra is one of the most common mistakes made by women all over the world. It’s time to measure yourself once again for a better fit. Some women choose bras that are too small or bras with ill-fitting cups. Don’t be lazy and try out a few different sizes (with various cups) and find what really fits you. You’ll know it once you find the right one – you’ll feel like the goddess of beauty!

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